Driven Raceway uses the most sophisticated and high performance electric karts on the market today. These karts have been developed specifically for karting with an emphasis on speed, handling and safety. Both our competition adult and kid karts come from Italy and our adult karts have the ability to reach speeds up to 45 mph, while still maintaining the highest level of safety for our customers. The karts are radio controlled by our trained track personnel and have the ability to be slowed down or even stopped (individually or all of them) at any time so that our customers remain safe. These karts are incredibly fast and absolutely amazing to drive. They literally put to shame the old gas karts that you may have been used to as a kid.

All our karts are equipped with a roll bar and four-point harness to protect the driver, reverse gear, disk brakes, and an automatic kill switch when the kart is charging or when the accelerator and brake pedals are used at the same time. Our karts accelerate incredibly fast and use a differential which gives the same sensation as a race car while also allowing for additional comfort.