Here is what some of our friends say about their experiences at Driven Raceway:

"Thank you and all of your staff for putting on such a good show at the raceway for Mike's birthday this last Saturday. You made an excellent and lasting impression. Everyone in our party had a great time and they haven't stopped talking about it. I'm sure we'll be back for a repeat performance at some point. Best wishes and thanks again."  - Ellie Cesario


"Alexander and his friends had a great time celebrating his 12th birthday at Driven Raceway! The facility, equipment, staff and overall experience were all tremendous and we would highly recommend booking group sessions to others. We will no doubt become regulars there and feedback from others that came indicates the same. We really enjoyed getting the lap/race printouts and it was amazing to see how the drivers improved and gained confidence in their second race. Top notch all the way!! Thanks for bringing this to life in Sonoma County."   - David Reed


"We were at Driven Raceway again today. My four boys love to go to Driven Raceway at any chance they get. We have half days from school every other Wednesday; we always spend the afternoon doing something recreational as a family. For years, we have gone to the latest movie, the Zoo, Exploratorium, Aquarium, Museums, Chuck E. Cheese, you name it we went there for amusement. Ever since you guys opened, the only place we go on a Wednesday afternoon is to Driven Raceway to drive cars, bowl, golf and play games.

My oldest son just turned 13. My husband agrees that the best party we have ever thrown him was at Driven Raceway. The kids had a blast and they were kept busy the entire time of the party. As a parent, I appreciated that what you said we would receive, your company actually delivered, and there were no surprise costs at the end of the party.

As a parent, I appreciate your facility for a number of reasons: First of all, my kids love it and have a great time. Secondly, my sons, who are ages 13, 12, 9 and 8, can all find something to do that is age appropriate and really fun. My older two boys can do the 14 lap adult races. My younger two boys can do the 8 lap races. My boyís new pastime is to track all their races, past and present on the forms your company provides and see how their driving has improved. The plastic cards for racing and arcade games are a hit. It is fun to check in with their membership cards and then head off to the arcade. The games give a fair number of tickets. My one son is saving his tickets for a big prize. He likes to use the kiosk and check his ticket status. My younger kids like to spend it all at once. Your prize selection is good and fair. Also, it is great that we can get a slice of pizza or something to drink for lunch.

Last, but not least, your employees are terrific. I donít want to single anyone out as they are all great in their own way. The people that work up front are always polite, helpful, yet firm that a newcomer wonít be able to drive if they do not have a parentís signature. My husband sells insurance, and we have a reputation as the safety family. My husband and I appreciate your companyís commitment to safety and the fact that your employees actually enforce your rules regarding the cars. We feel confident that your employees take our sons safety seriously. The employees at golf, bowling and arcade are also great. My oldest son recently commented that your employees recognize him when he comes in to race and it meant a lot to him. That little bit extra makes a big difference to our family.

Thanks for opening such a terrific business. We will be back again in two weeks." - Jeanine McNamara

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