Driven Raceway is proud to announce the launch of our new Performance and Timing System. This new system will combine our existing scoring methods, providing a much more robust way for racers to compete for our top spots and overall point standings. All existing racers’ scores will be retained and converted over to the new Performance and Timing System, while each new racer will be starting out with 1200 points.

New Weighted Scoring System

This is a weighted scoring system and as you race you accumulate points based on how you finish in your races. You will be scored against the other racers in your particular race and the amount of points you gain or lose is based on the skill of the other drivers. In essence, if you beat another racer with a higher score than yours, you will gain a substantial amount of points. If you have a high score and you lose to a racer with a much lower score, you will lose a substantial amount of points. In addition, each racer will also be given 5 points every time they start a race and the racer with the fastest average lap time will receive an additional 5 bonus points. The more drivers there are in a race, the more potential there is to earn points!

NEW! Kid Racers Tracked and Measured Separately

Kids stand out! Driven Raceway will now highlight the fastest kid racers and showcase their fastest time for the day, week and month!

Race at the Top Speed!

After your 10th race, you will be entitled to race at Speed 4, our fastest speed! Also, if you are a League Racer you will automatically be eligible for Speed 4 as well! This speed setting is considered a privilege and can be taken away by the pit manager at anytime due to aggressive racing or any disregard of track rules. So keep it safe and keep it fast!

Become a VIP Member: All you have to do is keep racing!

Racing has its rewards! Here at Driven Raceway, we are very excited and proud to reward our most frequent racers with these bonus items just for having a blast racing in our state-of-the-art facility! Here's how it works: after you complete 100 races you'll automatically become a VIP Member which entitles you to a free hat, a free shirt, 20% off at the pro shop, quick entry on races and reservations on race times for that day!

Our Performance and Timing System that creates your score rankings starts here at the Registration Kiosks:

Registration Kiosks

While you race, check your time and position from the Performance and Timing System projected on the wall:

Time and Position of Racer

At the end of your race, you'll receive a custom Race Results sheet with the scoring details of your race:

Race Results Print Out

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