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Sign up for Driven Raceway's Driver Training Course and learn how to race like the experts! Our special course features One on One Instructional Coaching utilizing our state-of-the-art one-way radio feed directly to each racer while you race. This will allow us to accurately guide you through the course objectives and have you driving faster and with more precision than ever before! Register for your Driver Training Course today and shave seconds off your time tomorrow.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn the Concepts of Racing Lines
  2. Understand Driven Raceway’s Kart Operation
  3. Understanding the Physics of Racing
    1. Finding the “Tire’s Edge”
    2. Understanding Rolling Speed
    3. Explore the “Apex” for Cornering
  4. Learn Different Braking Techniques
  5. Improve Overall Driving Skills and Lap Time

Course Structure

  • Classroom instruction of basic racing concepts.
  • Track Session #1: Baseline Critique on Track, 10 lap session
  • Track Walk with Instructor – Visual exercise of concepts and analysis of critique session.
  • Track Session #2: Driving skill evaluation with one on one radio contact from instructor, 10 lap session
  • Track Session #3: Lead/Follow session with instructor, 14 lap session
  • Instructor demonstration
  • Track Session #4: Apply all concepts in a race situation, 14 lap session

Racing Terminology and Concepts

  • Race Line - The Racing Line is the route the vehicle must take in order to minimize the time taken to complete the course.
  • Apex - The Apex is often but not always, the geometric center of the turn. Hitting the apex allows the Kart to take the straightest line and maintain the highest speed through that specific corner.
  • Tire Traction Threshold – The point at which your tires break traction with the surface and begin to slide.
  • Hopping – Kart bounces from rough track or tires hitting traction threshold.
  • The Edge – The point just before the tires hit the Tire Traction Threshold.
  • Push – When the front tires of the kart break traction and begin to slide. Also known as “Front Wheel Shuttering” or “Shattering” because of the sound it makes.
  • Coasting – When the kart is moving, but driver is not breaking or on the throttle.
  • Roll Speed – Speed as you are coasting.
  • Throttle Points – Spots on the race track where you apply the gas of “GO."

Prices for the Driver Training Course: $60, for League Racing Participants: $50

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